Reasons For A Professional Child Pick-Up/ Drop- Off Service In Pensacola

Childcare entails so much more than just feeding and keeping children healthy. You also have to develop their physical, emotional, and mental well being, and this involves taking them to school and supporting them in other sporty extracurricular activities. Sit Stay Play Pensacola knows how challenging it can be to balance between a full-time day job and caring for the demands of your little one. Sit Stay Play Pensacola offers child pick-up/ drop- off services in the Pensacola area and will pick up your kids from school or drop them off at soccer practice in your stead. This way, you can focus on your work and know your child is well taken care of. Reasons for choosing Sit Stay Play Pensacola as your child pick-up/ drop- off service:

Pick-Up/ Drop- Off Service

Our kids are our pride and joy, and there’s nothing we can’t do for them. However, you can’t always be there, especially if you are a working parent. Dropping off your children at school in the morning or soccer practice or the various parties they have to attend and later picking them up, takes a lot of effort and time. Meanwhile, your work duties will require your attention, especially if you have a demanding boss. Sooner or later, work and picking up your kid will criss-cross on the scheduling, which can create unnecessary worry and stress of trying to beat the traffic as you try to fulfill both roles. Sit Stay Play Pensacola can help by taking on the load for you by accompanying your kid to and from school, sports practices, and any other location of your liking. 

Health And Safety

Sit Stay Play Pensacola believes that the quality of service and safety of the kids is paramount. The vehicle the child will ride in is ensured to be safe and mechanically sound as well as the driver to be a safe and cautious driver. The vehicle will always be in top condition to travel to where it’s needed. Parents also get to meet me to have a face-time with the person driving around their kids. As per regulations, the car seats are fitted with seat belts that every child has to wear the minute they enter the vehicle. Note that I as the driver won’t start the car until everyone has been buckled up. With their health and safety secured, parents can shift their attention to their careers and get a breather once they get home from work without worrying about running extra errands.

Sit Stay Play Pensacola knows how precious your kids are and don’t take any chances when it comes to their safety and well being. In case of any eventuality, they will use their training to react calmly and effectively. Call today and have Sit Stay Play Pensacola make your life easier with a professional child pick-up/ drop- off service.

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