House and Pet Sitting FAQs

What Is House Sitting?
House sitting is an employment arrangement where a homeowner who expects to be away from their house for an extended period hires one or more “house sitters” to look after it. House sitters are permitted to visit the property or even live in it full time for the duration of their employment. Sitters generally increase their value to the homeowner by fulfilling agreed-upon responsibilities while they are sitting.
What Is A House Sitter's Job?

The main duty of a house sitter is to live in and care for the house. Common tasks include cleaning, pet care, maintaining outdoor spaces, forwarding mail and phone messages, and various odd jobs. Any task that the homeowner and sitter agree on may be included in the house sitter’s responsibilities.

Do House Sitters Help With Pets?
House sitters can do a great deal to keep your pets healthy and happy while you’re away. They don’t just provide food, exercise, and safety; they can also make sure your pets get the love and companionship your pets crave. If your animals like to sleep with you, you can even ask a house sitter to let them share the bed.
Does A House Sitter Sleep At Your House?
Depending on what you and your sitter agree on, their services can be provided either with daily visits or with full-time occupation, including staying overnight. If you choose an overnight sitter, you are essentially asking them to move in and look after your home just as you do when you’re there.
Who Pays Utilities When I Hire A House Sitter?
While you can strike whatever agreement suits you with your house sitter, it is common for house sitters to pay for their own utilities (power, water, gas, cable, telephone, etc.) while they stay in your home.
What Can A Pet Sitter Do For Me?
Pet sitters take charge of an owner’s pets (cats, dogs, and other animals) while the owner is out of town. Common duties given to pet sitters include feeding and watering, grooming, administering medicine, taking pets to the vet, providing companionship, and walking dogs.
Why Do I Need To Hire A Pet Sitter?
A pet sitter can handle all of your pet’s basic needs when you are on a business trip or a vacation. At an absolute minimum, pet sitters will provide food and water and perform basic grooming tasks for your pets. Many sitters can handle much more advanced responsibilities.
What Makes A Good Pet Sitter?
A love for animals is an obvious prerequisite for pet sitting. Other useful qualities include:

Reliability & trustworthiness
Good customer service skills
Interpersonal communication skills
Highly detail-oriented personality
Patience with animals
Physical Fitness

How Do I Find Good Pet Sitters?
1) Look at online resources for your local area.
2) Ask pet owners you trust for recommendations.
3) Check the credentials of potential pet sitters.
4) Make sure potential sitters can meet your pet’s needs.
5) Compare rates charged by qualified pet sitters.
Will Pet Sitters Stay Overnight With My Pets?
Dogs and cats respond very positively to overnight sitting. Pamela Ranheim, APSE member, notes that overnight pet-sitting lets pets stay as close as possible to the ordinary routine they have with their owners. Not all sitters offer overnight service. If you want it for your pet, make sure you bring it up before making a final choice.

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