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Many people travel for business or pleasure and they have a home that needs to be cared for while they are gone. Since this possesses a problem for many people, Sit Stay Play Pensacola will watch over your home while you are away.

What Is House Sitting?

House sitting is what a person will do for another in terms of watching over the house while they are away. Since this can entail a number of things from safety issues to watering plants, there are specific duties that will need to be accomplished by the house sitter. People will want to make sure that they can trust the person or company that they are dealing with when it comes to watching over their residence and their belongings. Since many people travel for long periods of time, it is important that someone can take care of the essentials while they are gone.

What House Sitting Services Are Offered By Sit Stay Play Pensacola?

There are a variety of house-sitting services that are offered by us. Here is a list of some of the services we offer for house sitting:

1. Picking Up The Mail – The mail can add up when someone is away. Sit Stay Play Pensacola will make sure that it is gathered.

2. Watering Plants – Plants can’t take care of themselves. I will water the plants and keep them healthy.

3. Cleaning – The cleaning still needs to be done while someone is away. I will see to it that it is done.

4. Safety Precautions – If security needs to be set, I will see to it that is done right. This can be very important when someone is away.

5. Attending To Other Issues – Ask for other issues to be attended to and I will see to it that it is done.

Sit Stay Play Pensacola Is Open 24-Hours A Day

Sit Stay Play Pensacola is available 24-hours a day. That makes it very convenient for people in need of my house sitting services. This company is proud to offer other services that people are in need of too. If there are pets or children that need to be cared for, this company also provides these types of services as well.

Great Rates For House Sitting In Pensacola

With Sit Stay Play Pensacola, people will find my rates to be reasonable. With the special care that you will receive from my company, you will be pleased with all that I can do. This is a company that completes the tasks at hand and will complete it on time. Ask for any type of special arrangments to be made and a free quote will be given for any customer that is in need of my services.

Call me for a free quote today. I take great pride in what I do and the customers always come first. Be sure to get a free quote today from Sit Stay Pla Pensacola when you need a professional to house sit for you while you are away.

Other Services:

Drop-in Pet Visit

Child Pick-up

Child Care Services

overnight pet stay

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Look no further than Sit Stay Play Pensacola. You can trust us to give personalized love and care to your pets, children, and home.