Helping Your Pensacola Business Acquire Customers Through Email Marketing With Wifi

As you can see, there’s more opportunity in email-based marketing than you may think. The hardest part is accumulating those email addresses, which is where we at Yolee Solutions comes into play.

So what is email marketing with WiFi? This is a power tool that collects data and email addresses from customers connected to the WiFi network. It creates a profile that’s more personalized and appealing to web users from where an online campaign can be launched. You’ll need professionals like us at Yolee Solutions to help optimize the platform so you’re able to bring in more people. What does it do? The WiFi uses customer behavior captured which will be used to build smarter audiences. It then activates media platforms to target audiences that are similar to your best clients across the internet, helping you acquire new customers. 

What We Do

We promise a successful campaign as the in-store results will speak for themselves since we optimize for visits and not clicks. Here’s what we offer: 

Customer Detection And People-Centric Targeting

Our nationwide access points network can recognize 1 out of 7 customers that have visited your establishment. We use the client profiles created to build smarter audiences based upon your customers, not online estimations. Our campaigns use real-world data to reach actual customers, not digital proxies. We target real customers based on their location and behavior.

Walk-Through Rate

If you run an actual physical store, your goal is to target individuals who can actually walk in, rather than just ‘click’ or ‘like’ your content. With our Walk-Through Rate, you can measure the results of your campaign by the number of people visiting your premises after seeing your ad. With us managing your campaign, you can sit back and watch ROI walk in your door.


We will optimize your email marketing with WiFi campaign to get an outcome that matters – in-store results. We can tell you whether a client saw your ad right before walking in your establishment or any other location. Yolee Solutions reaches new customers by optimizing for Walk-Throughs that increase the bottom-line results rather than Click-Throughs, which can be misleading. We improve ad performance 4x by targeting new audiences and using existing ones as the template.  

Yolee Solutions gives clients a way to reach online users they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to. Through our email marketing with Wifi techniques, we can connect your digital campaign with measurable in-store results. We provide a lifetime value on your marketing budget since we bring in new customers as well as retain loyal ones; we bring them in and back again. The entire strategy is risk-free; all you need to do is submit your email address at our website to get started.