Why Your Pensacola Business Needs Google AdWords Campaigns

It’s basically an online marketing platform that was developed by Google, where marketers pay to display their video content, advertisements, product listings, service offerings, and generate mobile app installs to web users.

What Is Google AdWords? 

It’s a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform used by Google to increase the bottom line of business. Unlike Facebook, Google AdWords provides advertisers with two different direct ways to reach web users: 1) through the Google Display Network and 2) through the Google Search Network. Though both techniques function differently, reaching the target audience will require marketers bidding on their ads.

The Google Search Network works by allowing one to showcase their ads to web users actively searching for your keyword. You’ll have to bid to have your ad shown every time your keyword is Googled. It’s a great way of capturing users at the research and buying stages of the sales funnel. They usually come in the form of text ads that are marked with an “Ad” tag right next to the URL site.

The Google Display Network, on the other hand, works differently in that, it shows ads to web users actively searching for a service online. Also called banner ads, display ads are placed on websites the target will be on – very tricky of them. Display ads allows a business to get in front of prospective customers who may never have known about them on their own.

Yolee Solutions are aware of all these techniques and know-how to deploy them effectively. Here are reasons for choosing Yolee Solutions for your Google Adwords campaign.


Our staff are specialists at this online game and will for sure not fool around with your campaign and hard-earned money. We will keep you in the loop from beginning till the very end, so that you’re aware of what’s happening in your Google Adwords campaign. We will send reports and emails on how the campaign is progressing and the improvements made. With Yolee Solutions, you’ll never have to worry about your Google Adwords campaign ever again.

Client Care

All our services are client-focused with the underlying goal being increasing the consumer numbers. Even on a small advertising budget, Yolee Solutions can help your business achieve great things. Our sole mission is getting your business the advertising results and exposure it deserves. We are experts at this and will for sure steer the murky online waters on your stead. We do fantastic work, and the results support the same.

Getting on board of this marketing campaign can be terrifying and tantalizing at the same time. It can go either way, with you losing thousands of dollars to your business transforming into massive success. Yolee Solutions offers Google AdWords services to companies, both large and small, giving them an equal opportunity of advertising products and services to potential and existing customers. Yolee Solutions has a team of specialists who will analyze and review your current and previous Adwords campaigns and find what’s hiding and missing in them.