How Google My Business Posting Can Grow Your Pensacola Business

A lot of business owners have claimed their profile on Google My Business so that their business appears on Google Maps. Many, however, fail to do anything further once the business is set up.

While having a listing with a Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) is a good starting point, taking advantage of Google My Business Posts can really help to grow your business profile. Google My Business allows people to reach highly targeted consumers – people who are in the local area, searching on their phones, and who have the intent to visit your premises, take part in the activities you offer, or buy the product you sell.

What Can Google My Business Posting Do For You?

Google My Business Posting can bring your business to the attention of targeted consumers and allow those consumers to book an appointment with you or find information about your business without needing to click through to your website.

You may be wondering why NOT having a visitor go to your website is a good thing. Well, it removes the friction from that step. Instead of having to click a link, wait for a page to load, then look at your site and click on “About Us” or “Contact Us”, all they have to do is see the result in Google, and all the information and actions are right there.

What Makes a Good Google My Business Post?

Google has published detailed guidelines about what they do and do not want to see in Google My Business Postings. If you hit all the right details, you will find that Google My Business posts can be a great source of traffic for your company.

The trick is understanding what to say, and managing to fit it into the relatively small word count that Google My Business Posts tend to have. GMB is not a replacement for a blog, it is somewhere that you can post short, highly targeted ads. GMB posts are great for sharing new products and services, plugging events, promoting special offers and sharing other general news. You can include simple Calls To Action such as ‘learn more’, ‘buy’, or ‘call now’, to encourage shoppers to engage with you.

How We Can Help You Leverage GMB Posts

We have many years of experience in search marketing and we can use that experience to help you build your online profile. We are here to help you to grow your business and can offer a number of Google Maps and Google My Business services, including content creation, posting, and optimization. Call us today to discuss your SEO and search marketing needs, and to learn more about how our services can help you to get more views, and more targeted visits, through effective Google My Business posts and a strong presence on Google Maps.

Google My Business (GMB) Premium Posting Service With Yolee Solutions:

With the addition of GMB Premium Posting services, we’ve added yet another cutting edge local ranking tactic you can take advantage of.

GMB posts are something very few businesses are doing, yet there is a significant impact, especially for local businesses in competitive spaces:

“However, what this case study does show us is that businesses that are in a competitive location and industry should use Google My Business optimizing strategies and features like posts if they want to get an edge on their competition.”

BEN FISHER – Do Businesses Really Use Google My Business Posts? A Case Study

Take advantage of our done-for-you GMB Premium Post service that offers enormous potential for keyword ranking and multiplying monthly leads.


Firstly, we handle all the scheduling and posting on local Google listings, you don’t have to lift a finger.

The basic package includes 16 posts per month! This translates into 4 per week. Of the 16 posts per month they are broken down into the four types of posts.

    If you are a client of ours, you probably have had some terrific reviews lately on social media sites or places like Yelp or Google. Why not maximize these reviews and spread the word of how awesome your are? Through our posts, we can highlight the positive reviews even more!
    Directing traffic to service pages is an excellent way not only to link build but also get the word out on what your business offers.
    With GMB service posts we will spotlight the service with a persuasive sales copy and link to our clients website, generating a targeted audience that is already interested in what you are offering. With the addition of the call to actions, you gain even more opportunities to sell.
    Do you need to boost sales in your specific location? Welcome to the city/location posts of GMB.
    We use locally targeted keywords to enhance our customer’s dominance in their area and help establish more relevancy for the city.
    Posts are usually about events, businesses, and attractions that allure readers, but also give relevance.
    If you have an exciting new blog that offers authoritative insight on your business, GMB posts are great for generating more exposure to that blog. Our service will take a snippet of the post, highlighting an interesting portion that a viewer will want to continue to read. The beauty here is they must click the link to keep reading. You can have it linked to wherever you need, for maximum effects.

Our Done-For-You GMB Posting Service Takes the Guesswork Out of Having to Come Up with Regular Posts!


When it comes to GMB Premium Posts, there are many great benefits you can expect and many reasons why you should add this to your arsenal of local SEO practices.

  •       Target local audiences
  •       Gain better visibility on Google Maps and Search
  •       Add more potential for regional keyword domination
  •       Create more exposure for your business
  •       Stay relevant with the best SEO practices
  •       Cost-effective marketing addition
  •       Generate more revenue
  •       Increase clients ROI


We all know that reviews count, and the response to our newest service has been overwhelmingly positive. Don’t just take our word for it, that this is an absolute must-have service. Check out some honest reviews of what our customers have to say about their experience and results gained from using the GMB Premium Post Service!


SEO is always changing..

Perhaps you are a client of ours who has already signed up for a GMB account. But are you posting regularly? With regular use, this powerful tool yields impressive results. However, you need the right types of postings to really get the most out of its unique ability to drive the traffic you need and want. Instead of wasting countless hours developing content, staying on top of the posting, let us streamline the process for you.

We continue to strive for 100% customer satisfaction, and with our new GMB Premium Post service, it’s no different. We value our clients, and that is why we continually try to stay ahead with the best marketing tools and advice to help our clients continually grow their business.