Why Nearby Now Is The Solution To Your Pensacola Business

How do you do this? We offer our customers with Nearby Now access services that put the work you do, to work for you. It works by doing quick check ins for each job you’ve done, giving you a high local search index value in each city and neighborhood your customers are coming from. We use keyword value for all your activities coupled with a relevant video rankings boost or media photo.

Here’s how Nearby Now works:


This is the beginning and most important part to note. Every time your team does a job or service for a client, ensure they have done a check-in. Check-ins tell Google what you did, why it’s great and can include video or photo evidence. The check-ins are dropped from where the customer is, to where new leads and prospects are, giving your site better local SEO in the neighborhoods and cities that matter the most.


After the team has checked in, they should request the customer for a review via SMS or email. You can even request the client to make a call to your audio testimonial telephone number. Reviews from customers who have already used your services are more trusted nowadays since they provide an unbiased and objective perspective. Always requesting for a review will ultimately get you more reviews. 

Secure Reviews:

You can’t really rush the customers to make a review as they’ll do it at their convenience or the special moments they’re likely to respond or thinking five-star thoughts. You can never go wrong with a 40% average customer review response rate since it will act as proof to prospects and leads that you’ve satisfied the people near them. This can only build a better-and-better reputation for your business as it reaches places that matter to you.

Enhance Your Site:

Every checkin and review will provide a strong search signal for Google from where you did the job, so you rank better in the local SEO to where your prospects are, not just your establishment. Each checkin and review integrates with your site and linked to your social media accounts so that you get the leads and traffic you deserve. You get the credit for every satisfied client and excellent work you already do every day.

Our Nearby Now access won’t slow you down but guarantee better results every time you use it. Our goal at Yolee Solutions is to help you convert today’s goodwill and customer service into tomorrow’s opportunities, leads and sales. We believe the work you’ve put into getting positive reviews should drive leads and traffic towards your business, not elsewhere. Our reviews and check-ins with Nearby Now will boost your local search engine rankings for your web page, which will drive more leads and traffic straight to you. We strive in delivering our clients with value each day.

For more information on the Nearby Now software click here.