All About Pensacola Website Hosting Services

With all the capabilities of the Internet, there are still some technical aspects to it too. For your site to be seen by web users, your website needs to be hosted on servers so that when web users want to visit your website, they will only type in your website domain name or address and be redirected to your web page. Servers are special computers that store or host websites

What is Web Hosting?

Website Hosting is a service that gives people and businesses the ability to upload an Internet page to be viewed by web users. The web hosting service provider or web host has the services and tech needed for the website to get viewed on the Internet. Most businesses don’t have their servers to store the web pages, and that’s where we at Yolee Solutions come in. Our website hosting services can support website building tools like WordPress, Databases, FTP File upload and access, domain email accounts. 

Benefits of web hosting with us include:

Improved Site Performance:

Site performance very much matters when it comes to online success. Modern online users have little patience which gives you a few seconds to capture and hold their attention before they get bored and leave your website, never to return. Also, if your site takes too long to load, your visitors aren’t going to be sticking around. You should know that your site performance also impacts your search engine rankings. Poor user experience metrics like slow loading speeds, influence the overall site rankings. We at Yolee Solutions pride ourselves in providing high-quality website hosting services that guarantee things like load time so that loading speeds are no longer an issue. 

Data Management:

We give our clients total control and access over their content. You get to decide how it appears, choose what to post plus there are no restrictions to the number of pages or content you can post. With us for your website hosting, you need not worry about any space limitations or amount of data you can use. Your data is very important and the reason for using websites in the first place. Your data is your reputation, and we safeguard that by regularly backing up your content so that it can be retrieved or recovered when need be.

Superb Technical Support:

We know that there are times when the routers, network cables, web servers and other essential equipment may fall short. We have technical savvy employees who can provide a quick diagnosis of the technical problem. After they find the exact cause of the fault, they have the expertise to address the issue swiftly and have your business up and running. If and when your website goes offline, our outstanding customer support will work hastily towards restoring your pages and avoid web traffic and revenue loss.

We will require you to have your own domain and if you don’t have one, we’ll help you get one. A domain name will make it easier and faster for computers and mobile devices to connect to the server and have your website instantly delivered to them via the browser.